Pagination for query parameters are page and limit. The maximum number of items per page is set to 200, any value beyond this limit will be ignored.

The collection exposes properties about pagination information:

  • total Total item count for the resource
  • count Current item number displayed
  • pages Total number of pages for the resource
  • page Current page number
  • limit Current limit used for item count per page

The various relational links for the collection make it trivial to traverse the API to get a full list of resources for the collection. You can easily determine what page you are on, and what the next page should be (and if you are on the last page).

Out of range page request

If an invalid page is requested for the resource, the API will return an API Problem Conflict (409) response.

HTTP/1.1 409 Conflict
Content-Type: application/problem+json

    "detail":"requested page is out of range",


  • pages The total number of pages
  • page The current requested page